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With over 16 years experience connecting investors, founders and industry experts, our platforms deliver connections that matter. Who are you looking to connect with?

Experts in
every industry.

Access knowledge from leading pre-qualified experts worldwide.


Investors in
Australian Startups.

Access investors seeking promising Australian startups like yours.


Founders in
promising Startups.

Access curated startup founders seeking investors to enable growth.


Easy Access to Relevant Experts.

With over 8 years experience in the expert network industry, we have established a process focused around providing easy access to relevant expert knowledge specific to your unique requirements.

Built on a foundation of a rigorous compliance framework and an in-depth understanding of how your business works, find out why we’re Australia’s leading expert network.


Submit your research request with desired experts, questions, timeline + research stage.


We conduct research and start our external search based on your bespoke needs


Typically within 12 hours, we send you a list of experts. Once chosen, we will schedule the meeting.


Conduct your consultation in confidence. We'll speak to you after the call for feedback and moving forward.

Meaningful Connections with Investors.

With 10 years experience supporting startups through their journey and providing investors access to Australia’s most promising startups, we have developed a platform to make more meaningful connections between investors and startups.

If you are looking to be or invest in the next Mr. Yum, Nudo or Baresop click here to start your journey with us today.


Complete our online form to arrange a quick meeting to set up your profile on the Investor Connect platform.


We will send you a list of startups/ investors which suit your criteria.  YOU then choose who you speak with.


Provide your availability and we take care of the boring stuff like scheduling, calendar invites and conferencing.


Conduct meetings with startups/ investors, if it is a good match continue engaging in your own time.

The experts in networks.

Our expert network connects institutional investors with human insights to help them make better investment decisions.

We custom source from the get go, finding the best people for you to speak with based on your unique line of questioning, your research process and the specific opportunity you are looking at.

Connect with Experts

First and Only Australian Expert Network.

We are 100% Australian owned with extensive global experience across The US, Europe and Asia.

Our operating model has removed cost barriers to allow greater access to quality industry experts.

We find the right people, so you can maximise your time, effort and money.

No long lists of irrelevant generic profiles
Custom sourcing from the outset
Global experience in the expert network industry
No minimum annual commitments

Connect with investment.

The Investor Connect platform connects Australian startups or Entrepreneurs with Pre-seed, Seed, Series A and Series B investors to help them bring their ideas to life or scale their business.

Our philosophy is access to capital should not be a barrier for great ideas.

Connect with Investors

A credible and experienced team who understands your needs.

Toby Raper

With 8 years experience running APAC for a leading expert network, Toby has an intimate understanding of the Australasian expert network landscape.

Cam Walshe

Over the past 7 years, Cam has been working on making the best model in Australia for supporting early-stage entrepreneurs launch their idea.

Josh Diamond

Josh has 10 years experience covering investment, advisory, contract and corporate law across tech, financial services, consulting and hospitality.

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Investors find Startups, Startups find Investors

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