Your Questions.

What is an Expert Network?


An Expert Network is a business that connects investment firms, corporates and consulting firms with subject matter experts on a particular topic, situation or industry. They facilitate short term consultations between the two parties for experts to share their insights. The Expert Network is a AU$2.75 billion industry globally that started in 1998.

Who can access Pitch Networks experts?


Pitch Networks is a B2B network servicing investment firms, consulting firms, corporates and nonprofits.

How does Pitch Networks source Experts?


Pitch Networks takes time to understand your needs and get a detailed brief so as to conduct our own detailed research process on who is the best person for you to speak with.

Our team conducts thorough value chain analysis and utilises our extensive network across our different businesses to understand industry dynamics to source the best experts for your questioning, approach to investing and project requirements.

We aim to find the best person for you to speak with focusing on ROI of each call as opposed to the volume of calls.

Does it cost anything to start an expert search?


No. We charge our clients for time they spend with our experts and it does not cost anything to start a search for experts. If you are looking at something new and are new to expert networks, get in touch and we will start to source experts for you to assess.

Who are Pitch Networks Clients?


Our clients are Australian Private Equity, Venture Capital, Public Equities, Start-Up Accelerator and Consulting firms.

Does it cost anything to start an expert search?


Using our technology platform, custom designed for the expert network industry, and our decade of experience in the Expert Network industry we have built a robust compliance process.

We have done this through the training and education of our experts through our registration process which ensures they are aware of what not to share, what confidential information is, their responsibilities and agreement to confidentiality.

This coupled with regular training for our team on Material non-public information (MNPI), market abuse and insider trading, means that we have an industry leading standard to compliance.

How are experts vetted on their knowledge?


We focus our search on finding people with the right experience and working at the right organisations to meet your bespoke line of questioning.

Once identified, we complete a thorough vetting process around their knowledge, experience and extract high level statements in line with your focus.  We share detailed and bespoke profiles with you based on this so you can assess their eligibility. 

We don’t recycle generic profiles, without specific comments about your line of questioning and referencing their credentials to answer these.

Pitch Ecosystem.

The Pitch Ecosystem is designed to give startup founders and investors a range of services which covers theentire process of startup development from lightbulb to unicorn. This model cannot be found anywhere else.

Investors find Startups, Startups find Investors

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