" Investor Connect has given us a seat at the table with motivated investors who understand our space. "

Q+A with NetNada
Lochie Burke.

Lochie Burke was a sceptic of the value he would get out of the Investor Connect platform. Convinced by his co-founder to try it out, Lochie now has raised $50,000 for his business, Netnada and will stay on the platform on his fund raising journey.

Netnada is a platform which helps businesses achieve Carbon Neutrality without sacrificing profits.

Pitch: What was your experience like on the Investor Connect Platform?

I have raised $1.6M with a previous company before. I learnt a lot from that experience and I understand how important it is to get the right investors onboard, not only to help the company from a financial perspective but also to add value from a capability perspective.

Before working with Pitch Networks, we were reaching out to VC’s, private equity groups, angels and sending them our Pitch Deck and hoping for a response.

Using the Investor Connect platform made our process so much faster. I want to say 10, maybe 20 times faster.

We lined up six meetings within two weeks with investors who understood our business, had an interest in enviro-tech and were motivated to invest.

From those meetings we got $50,000 in investments in a matter of weeks, from investors who also add value from a capability perspective.

Pitch: Now, that you have raised 50K, will you continue to use the platform?

Without a doubt. To be honest I was the sceptic of the platform to start with. My partner Alfonso convinced me to join it. We did, and it really helped us out.

We quickly raised our first $50K. That buys us a lot of time. We can do the product development to keep on track with our roadmap.
As long as you keep having these conversations, it’s a numbers game, you will get the next slice of investment, that might come further down the road, that's fine. You shouldn’t think you need to raise your entire round before you start rocking and rolling.

That’s not the case, you can raise $50K now and raise $50K in two months time which will have a higher valuation if you are doing the right things, which is better for you.

We plan to be a high growth company and to be looking for a Series A by this time next year, which means we need to start having those conversations well before then.  We will stay on the platform for a long time.

Investor Connect has given us a seat at the table with motivated investors who understand our space.

Pitch: Now that you have investment, what now for Netnada?

This seed round is very product dev focused. About 70% will go toward further developing our backend and further developing our Artificial Intelligence functions.

The remaining amount is about starting to grow our scalable marketing channel because we know if we want to be a big SAAS unicorn we need to build a big SAAS unicorn’s sales funnel.

We will continue onto our roadmap to our Series A and use the Investor Connect Platform to enable that growth.

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